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Grief Support
Support Services
The Christopher J. Morrissey Foundation is pleased to inform you that we sponsor a monthly support group for Mothers who have lost a child. Mothers who have lost a child (regardless of age or circumstance) are invited to gather on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 - 8:00 PM at Manasquan Lighting, 126 Main Street, Manasquan, NJ 08736. We are meeting in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines. There is no charge for these support groups. The group has been formed to operate as a safe, non-judgmental gathering place for Moms to share and listen.

Meetings are currently facilitated by Martha Kalakutok and Debbie Gallucci. Martha and Debbie are certified bereavement counselors. They are caring listeners and have a significant amount of experience with grief counseling. If you are interested in attending a support group, please contact Martha or Debbie. They can be reached at or 201-321-5761 for Martha and or 732-986-6187 for Debbie. If you feel the need to reach out for any reason, even just to say “Hello,” please feel free to contact either of them.
Additional Counseling Services
Group Counseling
For families who have lost a child. There are local chapters throughout the country.
Questions, Answers & Quotes
For all who grieve
Questions & Answers
For families, and really, anyone who has experienced grief
Group Counseling
For families who have lost a child. Local chapters throughout the country. Only one in North Jersey at this time
Body and Mind
For body and mind during grief
Immediate Individual Grief Help
Martha Kalakutok,
Consolation and Bereavement Counselor
Faith-Based Counselling with a focus on IMMEDIATE GRIEF relief.
Available 24/7
Highly Recommended
(201) 321-5761 private number
Individual Counseling
Seashore Counseling, P.C.
Kathleen P. Lawless-Schmidt, LCSW
208 East Main Street
Manasquan, NJ 08736
Individual or small group Grief counseling services for parents, siblings, and families
Highly Recommended
(732) 223-3352
Individual Counseling
Anne E. Heinrichs, MS, LPC, NCC
1451 Route 88 Suite 4B
Brick, NJ 08724
Individual or small group Grief counseling services for parents, siblings, and families
Highly Recommended
(732) 312-5882
Body and Mind
Sea of Abundance Yoga with Bonnie Browne: (732) 300-8061 Visit Bonnie's website at for complete schedule and contact information.
Recommended Readings
"These books have helped my journey in learning to manage and cope with the loss of Christopher. Although nothing can or ever will take away that ever present pain, sometimes others' experiences helps ease it, if even for a moment."
- Joni
Heaven Is For Real
Todd Burpo
Learn More
The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven
Kevin Malarkey
Learn More
Visits from Heaven
Josie Varga
Learn More
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven
Jack Canfield
Learn More
After Life
John Edward
Learn More
Walking in the Garden of Souls
George Anderson and Andrew Barone
Learn More
Beyond Tears (Revised Edition)
Ellen Mitchell
Learn More
The Next Place (Children's Book)
Warren Hanson
Learn More
Proof of Heaven
Eben Alexander III M.D.
Learn More
A Bed for My Heart
Angela Miller
Learn More
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